Testimonials about Reiki sessions with Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani:

"I loved the Reiki session--I felt more peaceful and balanced for many days afterwards. I also felt as if many of my worries were no longer that bothersome, as if I can handle what comes my way." - T. Jarlow, Personal Trainer

"Alexandra's healing sessions connect us to our highest being where we are one with Divinity.  I recommend Alexandra highly, with confidence in her work." - J. Wells, Counselor

"After a recent Reiki session with Alexandra, I felt as if a weight from a difficult break-up had been lifted from my chest--as if I am able to move forward finally."  - T. Garcia, Teacher

Reiki Healing Sessions

“Reiki positively affects the body’s innate intelligence which is wired into you, governing every single act, emotion and thought-form.” - Dr. Peter Redmond, D.C.

Reiki healing sessions represent the ideal way for people to experience Reiki firsthand. It is helpful to read about Reiki; however the best way to really know and understand this energy is to experience a healing session so that one may actually feel Reiki and its beautiful effects.

To receive a Reiki healing, typically one lies on a massage table, having removed shoes only. The Reiki practitioner may pass her hands above the body for a few moments, sensing the client’s energies and any imbalances. The practitioner then begins to gently lay her hands on a series of positions through a light touch, in order to transmit Reiki energy. The recipient of healing usually feels warmth from the practitioner’s hands and enjoys a pleasant state of relaxation. A Reiki session lasts about one hour, with half the time being spent on the front of the person’s body and the other half on the back of the body.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances are dissolved during a Reiki session, bringing people greater health, well-being, inner peace, and harmony. Many people choose to have Reiki sessions once a week or once every few weeks, in order to help create more extended feelings of balance as well as healthy, positive shifts in their lives.

Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani offers Reiki healing sessions weekly in the Los Angeles area. During the sessions, Alexandra works not only with Reiki but also with channeling, crystal healing, chakra balancing, cerebrospinal fluid technique, and cranio-sacral work, all of which help clear unhealthy patterns, balancing mind, body and spirit.  Reiki Master Alexandra is a clairaudient channel who “hears” or intuits distinct verbal messages from the Angelic Realm that she gently shares aloud with clients during the healing session.  Finally, as an adept sound healer, she uses the magical vibrations of Sanskrit mantras to help shift energies in the space and within the recipient Reiki Master Alexandra also teaches these mantras to those who are drawn to these special and life-changing chants.  

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