Take a break from your regular routine and join us to pause, reflect and reset your life!  Our Healing Retreats focus on healthy living through basic and advanced metaphysical concepts combined with the ancient wisdom of India.  Retreats include lecture, demonstrations, meditation, chanting, yoga, and applications of the methods taught.  Healthy, Indian vegetarian food is featured as an important adjunct to supporting the mind, body, spirit connection.  Please contact us for upcoming dates and locations.  These retreats are limited to small groups and are truly transformational!  Our aim is that participants return to their lives with a renewed sense of purpose,  specific healing techniques to use at home, as well as a plan for creating a more balanced routine. 

Special Events

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An inherent part of Reiki teachings involves opening our hearts to others in need--giving time, expertise, or support to people, animals, and projects that touch us.  "Seva" is a Sanskrit word meaning "selfless service." Performing seva represents a way to purify the soul by giving of oneself with nothing expected in return. The American Reiki Academy offers seva opportunities for practitioners to give to those in need of healing.   In the past we have offered Reiki for AIDS patients, ill animals, senior citizens, and for those struggling with addiction. We are involved in bringing school supplies to children in South India and supporting animal rescue efforts in Los Angeles.  If you would like to be involved in such projects, please contact us to see how you can participate.

The American Reiki Academy offers ongoing events in Reiki and related disciplines such as: Sanskrit mantra chanting; meditation gatherings; puja prayer ceremonies; Spiritual Pilgrimages to India; and Healing Retreats.

The American Reiki Academy offers a monthly Reiki Healing Circle in order for practitioners to work with Reiki, both giving and receiving healing sessions. Practitioners have the opportunity to network with one another and hone their Reiki skills within a supportive community.  

Reiki Healing Circle is open to all levels of Reiki practitioners. Please inquire for upcoming dates.

Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Classes; Meditation Gatherings; and Puja Prayer Ceremonies in the Vedic Tradition through the Vedic Healing Institute

Mantras are mystical arrangements of sacred sound vibrations that were originally discovered by sages while deep in meditation.  Mantras have the ability to move energies, creating profound change within the practitioner and the environment at large.  Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani was initiated in India as a Vedic Healing Master Teacher-- she joyfully teaches and initiate practitioners into Sanskrit mantras, meditation, yogic teachings, and Vedic Healing techniques.  She also holds regular group gatherings and puja prayer ceremonies in the Indian vedic tradition.

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