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Events & Related Services

The American Reiki Academy offers ongoing events in Reiki and related disciplines such as: Sanskrit mantra chanting; meditation gatherings; Spiritual Pilgrimages to India; and lectures by metaphysical teachers.

Sanskrit Mantra Chanting Classes; Meditation Gatherings; and Puja Prayer Ceremonies in the Vedic Tradition through the Vedic Healing Institute

Mantras are mystical arrangements of sacred sound vibrations that were originally discovered by sages while deep in meditation.  Mantras have the ability to move energies, creating profound change within the practitioner and the environment at large.  Psychic Palmist of India Professor Sasi Velupillai and Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani were initiated in India as Master Teachers of Sanskrit mantras-- they joyfully teach and initiate practitioners into mantras and hold monthly meditation gatherings and puja prayer ceremonies.

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An inherent part of Reiki teachings involves opening our hearts to others in need--giving time, expertise, or support to people, animals, and projects that touch us.  "Seva" is a Sanskrit word meaning "selfless service." Performing seva represents a way to purify the soul by giving of oneself with nothing expected in return. The American Reiki Academy offers seva opportunities for practitioners to give to those in need of healing.   In the past we have offered Reiki for AIDS patients, ill animals, senior citizens, and for those struggling with addiction. We are involved in bringing school supplies to children in South India and supporting animal rescue efforts in Los Angeles.  If you would like to be involved in such projects, please contact us to see how you can participate.  ***Our current SEVA PROJECT is listed below - Please help us help "Santhosh the Orange Tabby Kitty" find a loving home!  If you are not able to adopt but would like to visit Santhosh and give him love or Reiki, that is also appreciated.​  Please also keep him in your prayers and good thoughts.

The American Reiki Academy offers a monthly Reiki Healing Circle in order for practitioners to work with Reiki, both giving and receiving healing sessions. Practitioners have the opportunity to network with one another and hone their Reiki skills within a supportive community.  

Reiki Healing Circle is open to all levels of Reiki practitioners. Please inquire for upcoming dates.

Our current SEVA project:
"Santhosh" the Super Sweet Orange Tabby Cat Needs a Home

"Hello - my name is Santosh.  I am a healthy, affectionate orange tabby kitty.  I lived with an older woman for the first 7 years of my life until she passed away.  Unfortunately she had no other family (aside from me) and when she passed on, the building manager kicked me outside where I hid in the parking lot, scared and alone.  An elderly Good Samaritan saw me and fed me for more than a year in the parking lot, where I slept in the cold under a car on the ground. Finally a nice lady rescued me and took me to a vet where I was found to be healthy but very skinny.   I am now living temporarily at the vet’s office and the nice lady visits me but I would really like to go to a forever home.  Here you can see me in my new bed which the lady brought me—it’s very comfy but I prefer to sit on her lap.  I give lots of head butts and purr quite a bit.  I have much love to give if my new mom or dad will please come meet me and take me home.  
My name "Santhosh" means “happiness” or "contentment," and I hope to extend great joy to anyone who gives me a loving home."

To visit sweet Santosh or inquire about possible adoption, please contact: or 310-397-2405

"Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu" - a Sanskrit prayer

Meaning: "May all the beings in all the worlds be happy."

Psychic Palmistry Sessions with 7th-Generation Psychic Palmist of India, Professor Sasi Velupillai

Palmistry sessions offer invaluable information about who you are, what you are here to do, obstacles you may be encountering, and how to manifest your highest potential.     Professor Sasi has been described as a gifted motivational force. By guiding people to increase their personal awareness, self-confidence and manifestation abilities, he has inspired many individuals worldwide to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.  Sessions are offered in person or by phone (with palm prints scanned and sent ahead of time)

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"Etched in your palms are clues to your character, goals and destiny. Once you understand these messages, you can fulfill your potential for a richer and fuller life through empowerment."
--Professor Sasi Velupillai,
7th Generation Psychic Palmist of India