In Reiki Level I students become acquainted with Reiki energy and are taught how to perform healing sessions on the self and others. Learning Reiki involves an energy activation process called an “initiation” which is performed by the Reiki Master with each student. Through this initiation ceremony students are opened to the flow of Reiki energy which provides an energetic shift, causing healing energies and intuitive insights to emerge. Essentially, the initiation opens innate healing channels, enabling students to tap into the flow of Reiki energy and perform healing sessions. In addition to learning the Reiki method of healing, students also experience an acceleration in their spiritual awareness and intuitive abilities as a direct result of the Reiki initiation. After learning Reiki, students report having increased energy, self-awareness, personal charisma, peace, and compassion.

Topics covered in Reiki Level I :
• What is Reiki and how the Reiki energy works
• The history of Reiki
• How to channel Reiki energy for self-healing and healing people; for plants, animals and projects
• Reiki Level I Initiation: four separate attunements that open the flow of Reiki energy within the student
• Hand positions for self-healing and healing others
• Techniques for tapping into and expanding intuitive, extra-sensory perceptions for use during healing sessions
• How the chakras function with regard to healing work and everyday life
• Self-healing techniques for expanding personal awareness and accelerating wellbeing
• Hands-on practice both giving and receiving full Reiki sessions
• Reiki and spiritual growth

Course Duration: 2 class sessions

Anyone can learn Reiki!   One need not have any special inclination towards healing, unique gifts, or prior experience.  Instead, the desire to help others, to advance on one's spiritual path, or an inner search for well-being serve as the only prerequisites for learning Reiki.  All students begin with the Level I Reiki training and then progress at their own pace through the other levels, if desired. Students work with the teachings of each level, integrating what they have learned and applying the techniques.  With the completion of each Level of training, students receive certification as either a Reiki Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Practitioner or Reiki Master.  The American Reiki Academy provides a monthly Reiki Healing Circle that gives practitioners the opportunity to practice both giving and receiving Reiki healings in a safe, group setting.
All Reiki classes include class manuals and certification through the American Reiki Academy. Initiations are given privately with our Director Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani who holds over 28 years of experience in Reiki. Students experience both giving and receiving complete Reiki healings and are empowered to use Reiki on themselves and others immediately following the seminars. Reiki may be applied to help animals and projects as well as people.  Classes are small so that students receive adequate attention and practice time.

Reiki Classes are taught weekly in the Los Angeles area.
Please email us through our contact form on the website or feel free to call us anytime at 310-850-8609 for upcoming Reiki class schedule and class registration.

Reiki is perhaps the purest hands-on therapy practice and technique among all the world’s healing modalities—Reiki is user-friendly, relevant, and appealing to people of all backgrounds.

Reiki Classes

Become a certified Reiki Practitioner...Learn how to heal with your hands!


Reiki Level II is considered the “Practitioner’s Level” and offers students advanced Reiki teachings.  In Level II students are given complete tools for working with Reiki energy both in person and through “absentee” techniques. Level II Reiki amplifies the Reiki I energy and produces a grounding or solidifying of the energy, settling into the student’s aura in a profound manner. In Reiki Level II, students are given ancient symbols that allow the Reiki energy to perform powerful functions, such as  mental/emotional/spiritual healing and long distance healing. Students are taught channeling techniques, thereby increasing their overall psychic awareness. Students also learn to work with their own “chi” in order to strengthen their well-being so they are able to accommodate more healing energy and be of greater service.

Topics covered in Reiki Level II :
• Ancient techniques for circulating “chi” energy in the body to strengthen the energy field and physical body
• Practice working with personal chi energy
• Creating a sacred space at home for aid in performing long distance healing and for meditation practices
• Ancient healing symbols: their names, meanings, and uses
• Practice drawing and working with the symbols
• Reiki Level II initiation: two advanced attunements that open the flow of Reiki II energy and activate the power of the symbols
• Hand positions for long distance & mental/emotional/spiritual healing
•Techniques for tapping into intuitive, psychic perceptions in mental/emotional/spiritual healing and working with affirmations and channeling techniques
• Hands-on practice performing mental/emotional/spiritual healings and long distance healing

Course Duration: 2 class sessions, plus work outside of class

Reiki is a simple, hands-on healing modality that anyone can learn to use on friends, family, animals, plants and personal projects.

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Reiki Classes

with the American Reiki Academy


Reiki Level III / Mastership is offered to select practitioners who would like to become Reiki Masters, having the ability to teach others Reiki and initiate individuals into all levels of the Reiki system of natural healing.   Reiki Level III represents a significant shift in the practitioner’s journey as he/she commits to helping others learn how to channel healing energy. Reiki Level III brings to the practitioner greater awareness and empowerment in many levels of life and provides a spiritual mission to spread healing through Reiki.

*As this is a lengthy course, please contact us for a full description of exact topics covered

Reiki Level III includes a Reiki Level III Manual and certification through the Reiki Academy as a Reiki Master Teacher. Initiation into the Level III/Mastership energies is given privately one-on-one with the Reiki Master.  Students are empowered to teach & initiate others into Reiki and to build a Reiki practice directly following this class, with ongoing further support provided for new Reiki Masters through the Reiki Academy.

Course Duration: 5 classes, plus work outside of the course

All classes require registration in advance, as we limit the classes to small groups.  
Cancellation/Refund policy:   We do not offer refunds for classes/courses once you have registered and paid tuition, either before or after said class/course has been rendered.   However, if you need to change a course/class date after registering, we certainly understand and will be happy to reschedule you for other dates.  In such a case we ask that you kindly provide us with at least 48 hours notice.  Class/course must be rescheduled within 14 days after your originally-scheduled class/course date or all tuition fees paid will be forfeited.